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FREE Audio and Music Programs on the Net

It's hard to find really professional audio software for free on the net, especially if you own a Mac. There are a lot of shareware programs and limited use demos out there but all of the programs listed below can be downloaded at absolutely no charge. These are not demos or shareware but great full-fledged programs that you will love to use.
We picked this collection especially because they work so well with our audio and music products and we use any one of these ourselves all the time.

Sound Conversion Utilities:


This program allows you to convert entire directories of sound files to dozens of file formats at one time. It also lets you convert from 16bit to 8 bit or 8bit to 16 bit and from Mono to Stereo, or Stereo to Mono.

Download URL:

Soundconverter - Mac OS X
This simple conversion program for OS X is extremely easy to use, small in size and converts sound files between the most common file formats.

Download URL:

Music Editing Programs:

Protools - Free Version - PC and Mac
A great way to get your feet wet in the area of professional audio editing is to download the free 8 track version of Protools (actually 8 Audio Tracks and 45 MIDI Tracks). Protools is the program professionals use to master hundreds if not thousands of CDs.

Download URL:

Acid Xpress - Free Version - PC Only
From the pioneer of loop-based music creation comes a fully featured version that you can download for free. Create your own music in minutes even if you're not so musically inclined. The free version is limited to 10 tracks but for the rest, it's a full version of Acid that you can use for as long as you like. It has tons of Effects built in and the easy to use interface that Acid is famous for.

Downlod URL:

Audacity - Win, LinuX and Mac

If you are looking for a free Sound Editor with all the bells and whistles, look no further than Audacity. It comes with the ability to use plug-in effects and even concerts to and from MP3

Download URL:

Tactile DJ - Win, Mac

Be a DJ. This program emulates two turntables for all the mixing and scratching of your favorite MP3 songs. Great for parties. And again, it's 100% free!

Download URL:

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(c) 2004 Alan Steward
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Free Audio  and Music Programs
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